Part-Time Studies

Lafayette College offers a part-time studies program that is designed for individuals who wish to take advantage of some of the academic programs and courses offered by the College. Information on admission, registration, and academic advising for part-time students is provided by the College’s Office of Part-time Studies,¬†(610) 330-5075.

Degree Programs

All of Lafayette’s degree programs are available to part-time students through the day program. The day programs consist of a fall semester and a spring semester. The College also offers an interim session in January, as well as various summer options.

Degree Candidacy

Students who intend to enter a degree program normally must have completed high school at least two years previously and must meet the minimum requirements for admission established for all students in the chosen program. The College welcomes applications from students who wish to transfer from two-year and four-year institutions.

A student who transfers from a regionally accredited institution will be granted credit toward a Lafayette degree for courses that are consistent with the goals of his or her academic program at Lafayette and in which a grade of at least “C” (or equivalent) has been earned. Engineering courses must be from an engineering program that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Students who have earned credits from other colleges and universities must submit official transcripts and catalogs containing course descriptions from these institutions as part of the admissions procedure. Applicants who have successfully completed courses at the college level will receive an evaluation of transfer credit before matriculation. An official copy of the student’s high school transcript is also required.

Transfer students are normally not admitted with advanced standing beyond the sophomore level. They are required to complete at least one-half of their degree requirements at Lafayette.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students with special interests in particular subject areas who wish to take courses may be admitted on a semester-to-semester basis as Special Students. Evidence of course prerequisites are required. Courses may be taken for credit or audited.

The audit fee for part-time and special students is the prevailing part-time audit rate. All audits must have the approval of the instructor of the course. Courses which require a high degree of participation (e.g., laboratory courses, studio art courses, and foreign languages emphasizing conversation) normally may not be audited.

Academic Policies

Part-time students are limited to no more than two course units per semester and are charged at the prevailing part-time per unit rate. When a part-time student reaches senior standing, however, the student may take an additional unit in two of her/his last four semesters at Lafayette. The student will continue to be billed at the part-time rate. Such exceptions must be approved by the director of part-time studies.

The Office of Part-Time Studies coordinates academic advising for all part-time degree students through the appropriate department in the¬†student’s major area. These advisers are assigned when the student is accepted into a degree program. Students who have not been officially accepted into a major and special students not seeking entrance into a degree program are advised by through the Part-Time Studies office.

All part-time students are expected to follow the College’s policy on Statute of Limitations for Students. It is the obligation of the student to become aware of the College’s policies regarding the rights and responsibilities of students.

A part-time degree candidate wishing to enroll as a full-time student must petition the Academic Progress Committee to change to full-time status. Admission on a full-time basis is restricted to those with exemplary academic records and a minimum of 5 course units taken at Lafayette.

LVAIC Participation

Lafayette is a member of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), which also includes Cedar Crest, DeSales, Lehigh, Moravian, and Muhlenberg. LVAIC has extended to part-time degree candidates who have achieved sophomore standing the opportunity to cross-register for part-time day and evening courses. Both grades and credits earned at one of the cooperating colleges under this policy will transfer automatically to the student’s home institution.

Cross-registration provides the opportunity to take courses not available at the home institution and thus eases the scheduling difficulties sometimes experienced by working adults. A part-time student may enroll in a maximum of two courses through cross-registration for each year of equivalent full-time study. Fees are charged according to the policy of the host institution.