Counselor, life coach, task manager and cheerleader. The work you do to engage, inspire and support young people on their journey to college is important. Let us help!

Lafayette’s Counselor Corner provides ready access to information about the College, its community and the admissions and financial aid details necessary to make a Lafayette experience come to life.  Gather what you can here, but please know that your calls, emails and inquiries are always welcomed by the Lafayette admissions and financial aid teams.

We value our partnership with you and are eager to assist you, your students and their families via individual discussions or group presentations. If you are interested in adding a professional admissions or financial aid voice to any of your counseling events, or if you would like to host a Lafayette-specific session, let us know by clicking below to fill out the form.

Know This

These quick hits of information about the College are excellent places to begin absorbing an understanding of how Lafayette provides opportunities for high school students to mature into young adults who make a difference in the world.

Affording a Private College Education

With a $60,000,000 dollar annual budget, Lafayette financial aid blends its robust need-based program with its generous slate of Marquis & Lafayette Awards (non-need based). Lafayette meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all students, with need determined by the FAFSA and CSS Profile for U.S. citizens and the CSS Profile for international candidates.

Our newest initiatives look to take one more step toward providing access to all students who show potential for growth in the Lafayette community. Recently, Lafayette committed to:

  • No Loan Initiative: For families with $150,000 or less in income and appropriate assets, the college will provide a financial aid package that includes no loans.
  • Waived CSS Profile: Students who attend schools in which 75% of the students are on free and reduced lunch (2019 data), or meet similar criteria, will have their CSS Profile waived. If your school falls into this category, let us know so we can help your students gain the best ability for access to a private liberal arts education.

Dive Deeper

Your individual students are leagues more than a transcript, just like Lafayette is much more than a class profile. To provide that clutch match, as the kids say (do they still say that?), you need to have a deeper understanding of the student life, services, athletics and community vibe surrounding the college. There’s so much more to know about Lafayette. Start here…