We are beyond excited about your potential as a Lafayette Leopard and as a Finalist of the Marquis & Lafayette Awards Program. You may have questions, and we hope to answer them all right here.

What does it mean to be a Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalist?

Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalists are applicants to Lafayette College who displayed significant intellectual talent and notable power, dimension, and energy as candidates for admission. As a Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalist, you are now one of approximately 125 applicants in consideration to receive a Marquis or Lafayette Award. Marquis & Lafayette Awards are offered in multiple variations:

  • Marquis Fellowship is a full-tuition award that is equal the annual cost of tuition.
  • Marquis Scholarship is a half-tuition award that amounts to half the annual cost of tuition.
  • Lafayette Awards ranging from $5,000 to $25,000

The Fellowship, Scholarship, and Lafayette Awards are offered annually for up to four years, conditional upon maintaining a cumulative GPA of a 3.0.

Why are Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalists selected? As a Finalist, what are my chances of receiving a Marquis or Lafayette Award?

The Marquis & Lafayette Awards Program creates a platform to identify and attract candidates who combine the highest levels of academic excellence with outstanding personal qualities. The College believes that all Marquis & Lafayette Awards Program recipients have the potential to make distinct and powerful contributions to the Lafayette community.

You were initially identified by the admissions director responsible for recruitment and selection from the part of the world where your high school is located. You were then chosen as a finalist by the Marquis & Lafayette Awards Committee from a pool of approximately 880 semi-finalists from an applicant pool of over 9,800.

You are now among a cohort of 161 finalists from which the Committee anticipates offering 25 Marquis Fellowships, 40 Marquis Scholarships and 100 or so Lafayette Awards.

It is important to note that Marquis Fellowships are only awarded to finalists who take part in a Dynamic Assessment Event. Marquis Scholarships and Lafayette Awards will be offered to both Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalists and other exceptional candidates from the larger applicant pool.

Does this mean I have been offered admission to Lafayette College?

Some Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalists may have already been admitted through the Early Decision rounds of admission. For those applying as Regular Decision applicants, you will be officially notified of your admission decision and Marquis & Lafayette Award status in late March. At this stage, your admission to Lafayette College is likely.

What happens at a Marquis Dynamic Assessment Experience?

There are three components to the Dynamic Assessment Experience:

  • introduction exercise
  • small group discussion
  • short group presentation

The virtual Zoom-based event will last approximately 4 hours. Those attending the in-person event should plan to be on campus until close at 4:00 pm. The in-person session lasts longer because we move to a variety of locations on campus and include lunch.

Does it matter which of the two Marquis Dynamic Assessment Experiences I attend?

No. Both Dynamic Assessment Experiences serve the same purpose. Space is limited for each event and confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Online registration for both programs begins on Wednesday, February 2 at 1 pm ET and concludes at 11:59 pm EST on February 12. If your preferred date is at capacity when you register, you may contact a Marquis & Lafayette Awards Committee member to request that your name be added to a waitlist should an opening occur on our preferred date.

What if I cannot attend either Marquis Dynamic Assessment Experience? Will that limit my chances for Marquis & Lafayette Awards consideration?

Due to the nature of the selection process, attending one of the Dynamic Assessment Experiences is required in order to be considered for a Marquis Fellowship. Please do let us know if you cannot attend, but would still like to be considered for a Marquis Scholarship or a Lafayette Award.

Is anything else required of a Marquis & Lafayette Awards Finalist besides participating in a Dynamic Assessment Experience?

Yes. You must register and send us a picture of yourself (selfie).

Register for the Virtual DAE on Feb 22 at 2 pm

Register for the On-Campus DAE on Feb 25 at 8:15 am

Are parents/guardians included in a Marquis Dynamic Assessment Experience?

No. However, an opportunity for the parents/guardians to learn more about the College and the Marquis & Lafayette Awards Meeting is scheduled for 7 pm EST on February 8. Attendance, while encouraged, is not required.

Does receiving a scholarship from the Marquis & Lafayette Awards Program exclude me from additional need-based financial aid?

No. Lafayette College is committed to meeting 100% of financial need for all admitted students. If you have demonstrated need beyond the value of your award, the additional need-based amount will be added to your total financial aid package.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel to contact Kathleen Williams or Grace Marchena, if you have further questions.