Guest Relations Coordinator
(610) 330-5100

Pronouns: she/her/hers

How do you describe a typical Lafayette student? Smart in so many ways. Confident and warm of heart.

Why did you choose to be part of the Lafayette community? The community is engaging, helpful, interesting, and easy going. It is fun to come to work every day. I love the geography of the Lafayette College campus. It is home to lots of birds and we are in a migration path for their flight. Look up and watch the hawks fly! There is beautiful foliage. River recreation is so close by and there are just nice people all over the place. Great dining options are a wonderful resource!

Favorite spot on campus: Pardee Hall~Where English lit thrives

When did you start working at Lafayette College? 1995

Relationship to the College: I am an employee, graduate and parent to four Lafayette grads

Favorite Easton restaurant: Third and Ferry Fish Market

What high school did you attend? St. Hubert’s High School for Girls, Phila., PA

Where did you attend college?  Lafayette College, Easton, PA

What activities do you enjoy? Recline outdoors and watch cloud formations roll over my outside deck….so relaxing and beautiful!