Rivalry Week

The most-played college football rivalry in the nation … along with some shade thrown at that other school.

SMAC The Car 2019
Lafayette vs. Lehigh Rivalry Game

1,000 Nights

First-year students dance the night away, knowing they have 1,000 days until they graduate.

1000 Nights
1000 Nights 2018
1k Nights 2019

100 Nights

A bittersweet romp for seniors that counts down the final days until Commencement.

Silent Disco and 100 Nights
Lafayette College - 100 Nights Formal
Lafayette College - 100 Hundred Nights Senior Formal


A national day of service for students, faculty, and staff in Easton and for alumni in cities across the country.

Lafapalooza 2019
Lafapalooza 2016
Lafapalooza -Traditions

Community engagement begins prior to orientation for some first-year students through our Pre-Orientation Service Program.

Check it out!

Alma Mater

On the steps of Old Pardee in twilight’s glow gather students and alumni.

Alma Mater - Traditions
Reunion Weekend 2018

Raising the Sword

The Pepper Prize Winner raises the Marquis de Lafayette’s sword every year at graduation.

Valerie Melson ’17
Reeve Lanigan ’19
Kenzie Corbin ’18
Guilherme Ferreira de Avila ’16
Brad Bormann ’14

Midnight Breakfast

Students were served tasty eggs and crispy bacon by members of the faculty and staff in this Lafayette tradition.