Professors Neha Vora (sociology), Sue Wenze (psychology), Brett Hendrickson (religious studies), Lisa Gabel (psychology/neuroscience), and Il Hyun Cho (government & law) each spoke briefly on a topic within their research for the recent Lafayette College Week on The Academic Minute. Summaries and links to their audio are below.

Neha VoraCan liberal education from U.S. universities thrive under restrictive regimes? Vora explores whether Education City in Qatar can have a real effect on its students.

Sue WenzeCan technology help us with our mental health? Wenz describes how the internet can help remove barriers to treatment for some patients.

Brett HendricksonThe Catholic Church will soon have a Latino majority congregation. Hendrickson looks to understand more about the culture and heritage of these churchgoers.

Lisa GabelEarly intervention is key to closing the reading achievement gap. Gabel discusses a new approach to catching dyslexia earlier and helping children learn.

Il Hyun ChoNorth Korea remains a mystery. Cho details popular myths about this rogue nation.

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