Admission to Lafayette is competitive. Like the education we offer, we strive for diversity and balance in our community, and the way in which we craft a class reflects that philosophy.

We seek students from across the country and around the world from varied backgrounds who are curious, passionate, and inventive. A Lafayette student possesses an unyielding desire to achieve great things. If this describes you, we’d love to get to know you.

Factors considered in evaluating each student’s application:

  • academic performance in secondary school
  • grades relative to others in your class and the quality of courses taken
  • interactions through personal interviews
  • the candidate’s personal character such as motivation, social awareness, ambition, individualism, and potential for leadership as exhibited through involvement in community and extracurricular activities
  • evidence of significant talent
  • the results of the SAT or ACT (writing section not required) submitted by the admissions deadlines. Students may self-report standardized test scores, and matriculating students must submit official score results at the time of enrollment.

The results of SAT Subject Tests are not required for admission. Some academic departments do use scores from these tests for placement purposes.