Year after year, the value of a Lafayette education
is highly rated by Payscale and Bloomberg BusinessWeek, both for starting salaries after graduation and for 30-year return on investment.

At Lafayette, we understand the sacrifice parents and students make to cover the costs associated with attending an exceptional college. That’s why we have budgeted nearly $52.2 million in financial aid for the 2018-19¬†school year. We are committed to helping students, regardless of financial circumstance, join their peers for an outstanding, globally-connected education.


  • The Office of Financial Aid has extended the deadline to May 1, 2020 for returning students to complete the 2020-21 FAFSA, the 2020-21 CSS Profile, and upload any requested documents to IDOC. We understand the stress around all of the COVID-19 activity, and we want our students to focus on adapting to the changes of remote teaching and learning and being away from campus for the time being.

Lafayette Codes

CSS Profile: 2361 FAFSA: 003284

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Office of Financial Aid

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