Each summer, Lafayette students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty members on immersive research projects. This year, 125 students participated in these collaborations, which advance the lessons taught in the classroom while also enabling students to develop new skills that can benefit them in their future studies and careers.

“I am so grateful to have been able to work on campus as a Clare Booth Luce Scholar this summer,” says Celeste Fieberg ’22, a mechanical engineering major. “The experience provided me with many engineering and research-oriented skills that will help me in my engineering classes.”

“The atmosphere on campus also added to the experience,” she says. “I had so many friends on campus who were staying for research, work, or internships. Being able to participate in an engaging and compelling research project while also being involved in an active, friendly, and supportive social environment made for an all-around great summer at Lafayette.”

Read on to learn more about the work Fieberg and a few of her fellow summer scholars completed this summer.

The team: Fieberg and Amy Van Asselt, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

The team: Kamal Bookwala, economics major and Joaquin Gómez-Miñambres, assistant professor economics

The team: Julianna Carpenetti ’21, biology major, and Mike Bulter, associate professor of biology

The team: Alex Ashley ’22, chemical engineering and mathematics double major, and Ryan Van Horn, assistant professor of chemical engineering

The team: Caleigh Schmid ’21 and Lauren Parkinson ’20, neuroscience majors, and Tamara Stawicki, assistant professor of neuroscience

The team: Trevor Goodwin ’20, economics and government & law double major, and Andrew Clarke, assistant professor of government & law