93% of students live on campus

What that means: With 38 residential buildings and housing guaranteed for each academic year of enrollment, you don’t need to worry about finding a place. We’ve got you covered.

What that looks like: First year students live together to build relationships with their roommate, floormates, and classmates. Upper-level students have options such as thematic living houses like McKelvy Scholars House and Lavender Lane (LGBTQIA+ centered living group house), or living with friends in suites, apartments, and fraternity and sorority houses.



Our hometown of Easton is a historic and vibrant location

What that means: Founded in 1752, Easton, Pa., has become a hot spot for dining, entertainment, and especially outdoor festivals. Just steps away from campus, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Easton—we promise. 

What that looks like: Are you a foodie? Easton has around 50 restaurants including steakhouses, seafood, multicultural cuisine, and more. A patron of the arts? The State Theatre Center for the Arts hosts performances by world-renowned artists. Or maybe you’re a kid at heart—the Crayola Experience is a great spot to indulge your inner child.


We have 23 Division I and 50+ club and intramural teams to choose from

What that means: Student-athletes, whether at the Division I or club level, will play in a competitive, supportive, and community-focused environment that strengthens academic excellence while competing. 

What that looks like: While athletes play at the highest level of college sports, spectators can enjoy the incredible school spirit and traditions that come with national recognition. From Rivalry Week to clubs like archery or spikeball, everyone can get involved.


Choose from 120+ clubs and find your people 

What that means: Lafayette College is home to over a hundred clubs and organizations—and it doesn’t end there. In the spirit of “Cur Non,” students can start their own clubs if they can’t find what they’re looking for. 

What that looks like: A little something for everyone! A dash of fraternity and sorority life, a pinch of anime club, or a sprinkle of community engagement—students can create their ideal extracurricular life. 



Students have access to eight different dining options on campus

What that means: Whether you’re craving pizza, sushi, or an omelet, there’s always something delicious cooking at the College.  

What that looks like: Dining options to suit your mood, from food courts to traditional dining halls that consider your dietary needs—covering everything from allergen-free, vegan, and gluten-friendly foods and more.



Our working farm is a cornerstone of the Lafayette College Sustainable Food Loop

What that means: One of the College’s sustainability initiatives, LaFarm is a 3-acre sustainable growing operation and greenhouse that provides food for the dining halls, students, and the surrounding community. 

What that looks like: LaFarm allows students to enjoy fresh and local produce through both campus dining and a community farmstand, helping to reduce waste, carbon footprint, and neighborhood hunger. Feel like getting your hands dirty? Students can get jobs as farm crew, volunteer for an afternoon, or even start their own mini-farm in the community garden. 


We’re committed to our community

What that means: The Landis Center for Community Engagement focuses on scholarship, civic leadership, and volunteerism. Providing volunteer opportunities, internships, or community-engaged coursework, Landis Center helps students interact meaningfully with the greater Easton community. 

What that looks like: Whatever you’re passionate about, there’s a way to get involved. From tutoring to food access, literacy to mentorship, Lafayette students take pride in engaging with the places and people that make Easton our home.


345 students studied abroad in 42 different countries in 2022-2023

What that means: Lafayette’s campus is a pretty amazing place, but Leopard life doesn’t stop at our borders. Our students value new perspectives, pushing their boundaries, and engaging with different cultures, which lead many of them to study abroad. 

What that looks like: Study abroad offerings include Lafayette faculty-led curriculums or programs through affiliated colleges. Lafayette students can be found across the world, studying coral in Turks and Caicos, supporting refugees in London, or tutoring high school students in Madagascar. 


We take traditions pretty seriously 

What that means: Students, faculty, and staff at Lafayette are a community—and traditions are one of the things that bring us together. We’re proud of our school, and we want to show it. 

What that looks like: First-year students celebrate the 1,000 Nights formal, seniors count down 100 hours until Commencement, and we all come together to root on the Pards during Rivalry Week. There’s always something to bring us together.