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We’re more than happy to chat with you to ensure your students have submitted all the right documents to be considered for acceptance to Lafayette College. You may want to start here and see if some of your questions can be answered quickly.

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Completing Applications

I would like to submit documents for a student but am having trouble with the technology. Is there another way in which I can send you transcripts, school profiles or letters of recommendation?


Fax: 610-330-5355


Please provide individual documents as attachments (preferably PDFs) to the email. On fax and emails, please clearly identify

  • who you are
  • your title
  • your high school
  • student for whom you are sending the documents

I'm sure I sent documents but my student says they receive an email noting missing documents. How can we check what is missing?

The student should login to their Lafayette portal. After applying to the College, students will receive an email titled Thank you for applying — Next steps. That email contains the student’s credentials to access the individual portal. Within the portal are tabs for admissions and financial aid, if they have applied. A green checkmark indicates we received a document or it has been waived. A red X notes the document is missing.

Are interviews available at Lafayette College?

Yes. Interviews are available for students through January of their senior year. Students are not invited to interview, rather they can sign up for a time that is convenient for them on our admissions visits page.

Is an interview required for admission to Lafayette?

No. An interview is encouraged, but not required.  Also note that we look to the interview for context when reviewing students for merit awards. Learn more about interviewing at Lafayette.

Does Lafayette offer merit based awards?

Yes. Our Marquis Awards offer full-tuition and half-tuition awards to students who not only manage rigorous course loads and show dedication to extracurriculars, but who look to be change-makers or leaders in their future Lafayette community. All students who apply to Lafayette are considered for awards and approximately 8% of the admitted students receive a Marquis Award. Learn more about our merit scholarships.

Is standardized testing required for applicants?

No. An SAT or ACT test is optional for students applying for admission for fall 2022 or fall 2023.

My student took the SAT or ACT. Should the student submit their test scores to Lafayette?

Answer to come from Kathleen.