Explore what it means to be a Lafayette Leopard from those who are living the experience: our students!

Student Voices

Casey Goodwin ’21

Jacksonville, FL
Mechanical Engineering

Why Lafayette Then: I felt that Lafayette was the sort of place where I didn’t have to choose between my passions. I could be an engineer and an athlete and an artist. 

Why Lafayette Now: I was right. I can (and am constantly encouraged to) pursue each of my passions and find ways to blend them together. And I’m not alone in that. It’s Lafayette’s culture to be busy in the best way. Everyone is involved in many areas across campus, which is so fun to be a part of. 

photo fo Chelsea DanielsChelsea Daniels ’21

Fort Worth, TX
Government & Law and Theater

Why Lafayette Then: I chose Lafayette because it was a smaller school that had a focus on social jusTeens in Community and seemed to really care about the well being of their students. 

Why Lafayette Now: I still chose Lafayette because of the amazing friendships I have made and connections I have made with professors. I also feel like Lafayette has fostered an environment that continues to challenge and inspire me academically. 

Photo of Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong ’23

Dunwoody, GA
Government & Law

Why Lafayette Then: One of the reasons I wanted to go to Lafayette was because it was in the north.  Being from Georgia, I felt that going somewhere new and unfamiliar would help me broaden my horizons. It was a relatively small campus, easy for me to walk from one corner to another in a short amount of time.  But what really sold me on Lafayette was the sense of community. With Lafayette being heavily integrated into the city of Easton, it felt like I wouldn’t just be living on campus, I’d be a part of a living community. 

Why Lafayette Now: Since being on campus for almost six months now, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I was incredibly nervous about going to a school in Pennsylvania when I’ve been in Georgia all my life, but the students and faculty gave me a sense of belonging.  They have actively invested in my college career and helped me get a better idea of what I want to do with my life. There are opportunities to try something new almost every day at Lafayette, whether it’s classes, clubs, or events.  At Lafayette, I feel like I am able to expand my academic horizons, and nothing is beyond my reach!

image of Imane HalalImane Halal ’23

Brooklyn, NY
Anthropology & Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Why Lafayette Then: I chose Lafayette because of the commitment the faculty makes as a whole to the education of students. 

Why Lafayette Now: Everyone at Lafayette is dedicated towards supporting your individual success and matriculation. Even in the application process, I was greeted with such kindness from the admissions team, and even after I was admitted that kindness and support continued. As a first generation college student, it was important for me to have this support. So Cur Non Lafayette?

image of Maria BossertMaria Bossert ’23

Covington, KY
Anthropology & Sociology and Spanish

Why Lafayette Then: I’m not going to lie; Lafayette was not my first choice for college. I don’t have the perfect school acceptance story and I didn’t make my decision until the last possible deadline of May 1st, and then postponed it for another year. My dream school didn’t offer me the scholarship I needed to make it feasible, I graduated high school, decided to take a gap year and moved to Ecuador for eight months through a cultural immersion program, and then I felt inspired to continue traveling and almost went to college abroad. Yet, I still knew that there was something special waiting for me at Lafayette, and after the long process of committing, deferring, and reaccepting my admittance and scholarships, I found my way back. 

Why Lafayette Now: I started my freshman year by doing Pre-Orientation Service Program, (Pre-Orientation Service Program), a week-long service experience that introduced me to an incredible community on campus and in Easton. The connections I made during Pre-Orientation Service Program have served as the bedrock for my experiences at Lafayette so far, inspiring the classes I take, my friends, and the organizations I am a part of. Since beginning my time at Lafayette, I have never looked back and could not imagine myself anywhere else.

photos of Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson ’20

Pelham, NY
Psychosocial Elements of Consumerism (self-designed)

Why Lafayette Then: I chose Lafayette because of the sense of community I felt on campus.  When I came to campus on my official visit for Track & Field, I had the opportunity to sit in on a class.  Long story short, a student needed help studying for a quiz, but the professor cancelled their initial meeting.  However, the professor said he would come in on a Sunday in order to meet with the student. To me, I saw that the professor wanted his student to succeed and it demonstrated how much professors at Lafayette care about their students, and the relationships that can be built.  

Why Lafayette Now: I am still at Lafayette because this school has given me the creative freedom to study my interests.  Lafayette helped me find my passion and gave me a way to pursue it. Additionally, as a senior, Lafayette has helped me connect with various alumni in my desired industry.  I am able to boast a strong network and feel extremely comfortable reaching out to alumni in order to further expand my network, thanks to Lafayette.