Lafayette College looks to empower students and families in making informed financial decisions prior, during, and after their time at Lafayette.

LAFinancial is a financial literacy program established in 2016. LAFinancial offers resources which will help students create a goal driven financial process by becoming familiar with their personal finance, financing their education, and planning for the future. The financial literacy initiative currently offers students online resources, one-on-one meetings, and presentations/workshops.


CashCourse is an online financial education resource and money management website available 24/7 to students. The program is designed to help students build the financial skills they need to get through college and prepare for future financial decisions. Students are encouraged to register and complete the CashCourse resources.


These appointments will take place with our Financial Wellness Consultant. You will have the opportunity to create a financial plan to achieve your goals during your time at Lafayette College. Within this meeting, you will also be asked to develop goals for your future. In addition, you will be asked to create next steps that you can take in moving towards your goals.

Specific Areas of Support Include:

  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Budgeting
  • Financing Your Education
  • Debt Repayment Education

To request a One-on-One Appointment, please email Shelby Maguire, Director of Financial Aid & Director of Financial Wellness, at


Lafayette College offers presentations and workshops covering Financial Literacy topics for student organizations and groups or residence halls. The presentations that are offered can be specifically customized for each group request.

The Presentations Include:

  1. Knowing Personal Finance: One of the most important aspects of Financial Wellness is an understanding of the fundamentals. This workshop will help you to start on your path to greater financial proficiency and understanding! Topics include: budgeting, prioritizing and setting financial goals, credit and credit scores, debit versus credit.
  2. Financing Your Education: College planning is much more than the here and now. This workshop will assist you in understanding the true costs of your education, different ways to fund your education, how to manage your expenses across your entire collegiate experience, loan counseling, and the practice of thinking ahead.
  3. Planning for Life After Graduation-There are many things to consider when preparing for life after graduation. This workshop is designed to help you plan for your next set of goals. Topics include: understanding your salary and benefits, post graduate budgeting, retirement planning, and saving and investing.

To request a presentation, please email Shelby Maguire, Director of Financial Aid & Director of Financial Wellness, at two weeks prior to the event date.


Financial Management Tools and Resources

  • Mint– Online budgeting website
  • Make a Budget– Worksheet- create your own monthly Budget Worksheet.