Rivalry Week

The most-played college football rivalry in the nation … along with some shade thrown at that other school.

Lafayette vs. Lehigh Rivalry Game
SMAC The Car 2019

1,000 Nights

First-year students dance the night away, knowing they have 1,000 days until they graduate.

1000 Nights
1000 Nights 2018
1k Nights 2019

100 Nights

A bittersweet romp for seniors that counts down the final days until Commencement.

Silent Disco and 100 Nights
Lafayette College - 100 Nights Formal
Lafayette College - 100 Hundred Nights Senior Formal


A national day of service for students, faculty, and staff in Easton and for alumni in cities across the country.

Lafapalooza 2019
Lafapalooza 2016
Lafapalooza -Traditions

Alma Mater

On the steps of Old Pardee in twilight’s glow gather students and alumni.

Reunion Weekend 2018
Alma Mater - Traditions