caroline-articleShe has a lot on her mind. Hers. Yours. Her 15-year-old cousin James’. Caroline is hoping to turn her fascination with the human brain into a career. She became interested in how our heads work shortly after watching that Russell Crowe movie, A Beautiful Mind. Remember, the one about a scientist who suffers from schizophrenia? For Caroline, it hit home. Her cousin was diagnosed with autism. So Caroline is hoping to find out why our brains do what they do. Why is her mother sickened by the smell of gasoline, and it doesn’t bother her? How does her mind work when she plucks the strings of her guitar and the music takes over? And where will her insatiable curiosity in our thinking caps lead her after Lafayette?

Why Lafayette?

After visiting campus a couple of times, I was able to picture myself at Lafayette. I loved everything about the school, especially the tight-knit community. I come from a school with a lot of spirit and I really wanted that same spirit in college, which is exactly what Lafayette has.

When did Lafayette become your first choice?

I was making a chart of all the colleges I visited, weighing the pros and cons of each school. As I came to Lafayette, I realized that it had everything I wanted, and it was actually impossible for me to find a con. Then I looked at Lafayette’s early decision page and revisited the school with the intention of applying early decision. All of my thoughts about the school were reaffirmed, and I began my application as soon as possible.

What are you most excited about?

Definitely the interesting classes that are available. I also cannot wait to meet new people with different backgrounds and ideas.

What clubs or organizations do you plan on joining?

I want to join a lot of service and volunteer groups. Later on, I plan on joining a sorority and participating in Greek life.

What three words describe how you feel about being a member of the Class of ‘20?

Prepared, thrilled, and broke (I am buying so much at the bookstore).