erinA self-described “history geek,” Erin loved her home state of New Hampshire from an early age. And as a sophomore in high school, she had her chance to make history of her own. She went to Concord with a Girl Scout, where she helped write bill proposals, spoke at committee hearings and hobnobbed with lawmakers on everything from marijuana decriminalization to standardized testing. But Erin’s true passion has always focused on foster care. The same year she worked in her state capital, she notched her crowning achievement so far. As a volunteer at UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center “a rider with Down Syndrome and leukemia that she loves that I make her happy, as we danced down the barn aisle.”

How did you know that Lafayette was where you had to be?

After my second visit to Lafayette, I knew it felt like a home. It was different from other colleges I visited; students were excited to welcome me and had so many unique experiences to share with me. I knew I wanted an environment where students were involved and passionate about something, and I thought that the way students wanted to share their Lafayette pride with me said a lot about the culture of the campus. They each had professors they wanted to tell me about and classes I should take. When I combined that amazing environment with the program available in the major I’m interested in, I knew Lafayette was perfect for me.

When or what was the “aha!” moment in your college search?

I had been considering Lafayette and thought it might be my top choice, but it wasn’t until my second visit a few days before the Early Decision deadline that I really knew I’d found my home. I participated in Leopard for a Day and was just blown away by how kind the students and professors were and the dynamics of the classroom. Students were so engaged in what they were learning about and both of the classes were really interesting to me, even though one was in a subject I hadn’t been very fond of in high school. I just thought the entire experience was amazing, and I left feeling like I didn’t have any more questions or concerns.

When you think about joining Lafayette in the fall, what are you most excited about?

Is it cheating to say everything? I’m super excited about all the little things like finding out who I’ll be rooming with and choosing courses! I can’t wait to get involved in the Lafayette community and meet all my new classmates and professors.

What clubs or organizations will you be getting involved in at Lafayette?

I’ve been doing Irish dance for the past few years, so I’m very excited to continue dance and hoping to join Lafayette’s Dance Company. I’d also like to get involved in community service projects in the area.

What are the top three adjectives that describe how you feel about joining Lafayette in 2019?

Blessed, excited, grateful.