isabelleA self-described organization freak from Winsted, CT. She’s a mild-mannered volleyball and softball player by day. But after school hours, this young leader trades in her jersey for the student council dais, plays French horn in the marching band and orchestra and has eyes for a career in neuroscience, biology or psychology. She’s also mad for fried dough.

Why is Lafayette your first choice?

“I fell in love with Lafayette as soon as I walked around campus in the summer of 2014. While touring Farinon for the first time, a football player passed me on the stairs and must have identified me as a prospective student. He greeted me with a fist pump and ‘Go Leopards!’ Another student in Skillman Library made a point to turn around from his study table and greet me as I walked through.

Lafayette was a place I could call home because of all the friendly faces. I wanted a small campus with a lot of diversity and now I have it! I am so excited for my future.”

What are you most excited about coming to Lafayette?

“Being from a small school, diversity is very limited, so I am most excited to meet students from all over the world. I am also excited to attend Division 1 sports games, and be a part of a large community with overwhelming school spirit.”

What clubs or organizations are you interested in joining?

“I will most likely get involved in music ensembles, student government, ambassador programs, a big brother/big sister programs and other clubs that involve good leadership and organization skills.”

What three words describe how you feel about being a member of the Class of ‘20?

“Overjoyed, eager, and passionate.”

What kind of music are you listening to these days?

Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers