Join us virtually on

Monday, November 7 at 7 pm

for our 11th Annual

Our Beloved Community


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Our Beloved Community showcases Lafayette’s inclusive campus and provides you with an opportunity to envision how you, too, could be part of this vibrant, caring, diverse community. 

The goal of Our Beloved Community (OBC) is to introduce students from underrepresented groups and economically challenged backgrounds to all the College has to offer. This year’s program will be a virtual experience open to all students who wish to attend. 

Students who attend OBC and are then admitted to the College will be invited to our XLC: Experience Lafayette College accepted student day on April 16, 2023. Lafayette does not want cost to be an impediment to joining us for our accepted student event and will therefore be allocating resources to pay the transportation costs of getting students to campus for this celebratory day. Priority for receiving this funding will be given to students from historically underrepresented groups, such students who identify as African-American, Hispanic/Latinx American, Native American, and Asian-American, students from rural communities, first-generation students and those from economically challenged backgrounds.

Our Beloved Community, affectionately known as OBC, finds its origins in an idea set forth by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As he looked to find justice in the world, he looked for the world to create a beloved community in which no one is left out and all could share in the wealth and resources of the community. We extend this idea at Lafayette as we look to support and empower all students to grow into the best version of themselves each day as they engage in our classrooms, shared spaces and activities.

If you have further questions about the program or about our diversity initiatives, please contact Louise Frazier at


Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.

–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.