Assistant Director of Admissions


  • Alaska
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey (Central & Southern Counties)
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Pronouns: she/her/hers

How do you describe a typical Lafayette student? I always joke that we are nerds who like to have fun! We enjoy our academics, taking the classes that challenge and interests us. Yet, we also strive for a balance of life. You have students who are also performers, gamers, advocates and more! At Lafayette, you don’t have to limit your passions, you can pursue all of them!

Why did you choose to be part of the Lafayette community? It’s clich√© and probably corny, but I love Lafayette for the people. You can replicate buildings, programs and scenery, but people are hard to clone! The care, passion and support I’ve encountered during my time at Lafayette is something I truly value.

Favorite spot on campus: patio area in front of Gilberts

When did you start working at Lafayette College? 2016

Relationship to the College: Alum

Favorite Easton restaurant: The Quadrant or Tandoor Grill

What high school did you attend? Red Bank Regional High School

Where did you attend college?  Lafayette College, PA

What activities do you enjoy? In my free time, I enjoy baking. I’m no pastry chef, but it’s something that brings me joy. It’s a little bit of chemistry, a dash of imagination and a whole lot of patience. I also have a growing passion for tea. I’ve tried a lot of different types and still haven’t chosen a favorite. Let me know of your favorite!