Divisional Operations Manager of Enrollment
(610) 330-3304

Pronouns: she/her/hers

How do you describe a typical Lafayette student? Open, respectful, engaged in a wide variety of clubs and research, and, needless to say, extremely bright. What sets them apart is their multi-dimensional set of skills and depth of character – whether I’m thinking of a firecracker Pre-Med student or an esteemed classical pianist/English & Philosophy superstar or a Economics major and social justice advocate, they all are quick to lend their time and experience when I reach out to them with an Admissions request.

Why did you choose to be part of the Lafayette community? Lafayette’s campus is a beautiful place to come to work daily, and while that’s a bonus, the real motivation I find through my work is the daily interactions with students and fostering of connections & support for our greater community in the City of Easton.

Favorite spot on campus: A quiet seat by a window in Rockwell

When did you start working at Lafayette College? 2019

Favorite Easton restaurant: 3rd & Ferry Fish Market

What high school did you attend? Belvidere High School

Where did you attend college? Pennsylvania State University

What activities do you enjoy? As mom to three active kids, a business owner in Easton with my husband, and a grad-student pursuing my MBA, spare time is precious. I love spending it hanging with my family and nearest & dearest friends. Reading has always been a guilty pleasure; I am a sucker for a Dick Francis mystery, long epic tales like the Outlander series, and anything from Neil Gaiman.