Must I create an account in order to register for an event?

Yes. Be sure to jot down the email address, password, and security questions (with answers) that you use to create your account and keep them in a safe spot for future reference. You must use this information to log in and register.

Can’t remember your password?

Click on the “Forgotten Password” link. You must enter the same email address that you used to create the account.

Having trouble creating your account?

If your error message reads “one or more required fields have not been completed,” be sure you filled in all boxes marked with a red asterisk (*). Entering your high school is a multi-step process:
Use the drop down box to enter your country*.

  1. If it’s “United States,” use the drop down to enter your state*.
  2. Type in the name of the city in which your school is located (the mailing address). If in doubt, leave this blank.
  3. Hit the Search button.
  4. Select your school (organization) from the “Results Found” drop down.
  5. Hit “Select” to populate the field.

If your error message reads “one or more fields is invalid,” the usual culprits are:

  • Date of Birth – must be entered as month/day/4-digit year. Do not precede a single-digit month or day with a zero. So Aug. 5, 1997 should be entered as 8/5/1997.
  • Telephone Number – you must use dashes (-) as follows: 123-456-7890.
  • High School – entering your school is a multi-step process.

If you check all possible abbreviations and full spellings and your high school isn’t listed:

  1. Type the name of your high school in the “Unlisted School Name and Address” box.
  2. If you are home schooled, type in “home schooled” AND be sure to check the home schooled box.
  3. Hit submit.

Want to register for an on-campus event?

  1. Start by clicking the Plan Your Visit tab on the right side of the Admissions webpage (, or if you just created your account, click on the Events tab along the top ribbon within your account.
  2. Click on the event that interests you to enter the general search screen for all of our events.
  3. Use the Date From option to get the broadest array of options. If you have a very specific window of possible dates for your visit, you can select Date To as well.
  4. To see all of your options, just leave all other selection fields on the default “Select All.”
  5. Hit the “Search” button to see all of your visit options.
  6. If you only are interested in one specific visit option (e.g. an on-campus interview), you can select that Event Category and then hit “Search.”
  7. When you click on the specific event you want to attend, you will see an Event Summary page that allows you to confirm all specific details about the event, including availability.
  8. If the selected event is available, simply click on the “Register” button. If you are not already logged into your account, you will be taken to a log in screen.
  9. If you already have an account, please do not create a new one. Simply log in or click on the blue “Forgot your password?” link.

If you can’t register for an on-campus event

If there is no maroon “Register” button and you want to participate in an interview or Leopard for a Day, the event likely is full. You will not be able to register online, but you can call to see if we can accommodate your request (610-330-5100).

If the website does not recognize your login credentials, be sure that you did not use a different email address when you created your account. If this happens, please call our office as we can register you by telephone and check on your account. It’s possible that it is locked.

Scheduling an interview for tomorrow

A “next day” interview may be possible if we have enough available staff. You will not be able to register after midnight on the day before an interview (for example, registration closes at 12:01 am on Thursday for Friday interviews). Just call (610) 330-5100) to inquire.

Need to cancel an event?

It’s easy! Just log into your account; click on the “My Account” tab (upper right); scroll down to the Events banner; click on the “x” next to the event(s) you want to cancel. We appreciate your cooperation since it opens up a slot for another student who will be able to visit that day and time.