For applicants hoping to have an arts submission reviewed by faculty, please email the appropriate cloud-based link to your work (e.g., YouTube, Google Doc, Vimeo, URL to personal blog) to Please do not send files as email attachments.

The deadlines to submit an arts portfolio are:

The subject line of your email should include your name and Reference ID (found on your Status Page), as well as the arts discipline reflected in your submission.  If you would like to provide context for your submission, you are welcome to do so in the body of the email. If you wish to make a submission to more than one of the arts, please do so in separate emails.

Submissions Guidelines

CaPA Scholar Program: All students who have already applied to CaPA or who intend to apply should submit supplementary material for their intended discipline as instructed below.
Learn more about the CaPA Scholars program.


Students should only submit supplementary materials for Art if they have expressed Art to be one of their two academic interests on their application.

  • Students interested in Studio Art should submit a collection of no more than 10 images to be considered.
  • Students interested in Art History should submit a writing sample related to an Art History topic to be considered.

Creative Writing

Students who would like to submit creative writing samples may submit up to eight double-spaced pages to be considered. Multiple genres and samples may be included within the eight pages; however, the entire submissions should not exceed the eight-page limit.


Students are encouraged to submit recordings that illustrate their proficiency on an instrument or with voice.

  • Recordings should isolate and highlight the applicant. Group performances that do not showcase an individual’s level of talent cannot be evaluated.
  • Please submit either audio or video files of two or three contrasting¬†selections or portions thereof (ones that show variety in style, character, etc).
  • Please limit each recording to not more than five minutes per selection. YouTube or similar URL-based formats are required.


Theater Department would be pleased to receive materials from students interested in pursuing Theater studies at Lafayette. Please note that we do not have a dance program.

  • Students interested in design and technical theater should submit a portfolio of work.
  • Students interested in performance are asked to submit a brief audition video (no more than five minutes), highlighting their work in scenes and monologues.
  • Students interested in directing should submit scenes illustrating their work.