Lafayette faculty appreciate the opportunity to review arts submissions from applicants. Here are the steps to submit your arts materials:

  1. Submit your application to Lafayette College via Common App.
  2. Access the Supplemental Arts Portfolio Submission form within your Lafayette portal to submit links to your materials. After submitting your application, an email entitled “Next Steps” will be sent within 36 hours and provide your credentials to sign into your Lafayette portal.
  3. Check your permissions and be sure that anyone with the link can access your submissions. If we cannot access your materials because of limited sharing permissions, your materials may not be viewed.
  4. If you are providing arts materials for more than one discipline, please submit a separate form for each discipline.


Submission Guidelines


Students should only submit supplementary materials for art if they have expressed art to be one of their two academic interests on their application.

  • Students interested in studio art should submit a collection of no more than 10 images to be considered.
  • Students interested in art history should submit a writing sample related to an art history topic to be considered.

Creative Writing

Students who would like to submit creative writing samples may submit up to eight double-spaced pages to be considered. Multiple genres and samples may be included within the eight pages; however, the entire submissions should not exceed the eight-page limit. Writing samples should be submitted in English.

Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies (FAMS) encourages the integration of theory and praxis, critical study and creative production. We invite students interested in majoring in FAMS to submit for review:

  • A statement of purpose in film and/or media describing the submitted work and the research and/or artistic interests guiding the sample. Statements should be written (1 to 2 pages, via attached file) or video (1 to 2 minutes, via working link).
  • A sample of original work in film and/or media (video, media, or writing). Work samples must be limited to 2 pieces (media of 5 minutes or less each, writing of 5 pages or less each). Media should be supplied via working links, written work should be supplied via attached files. Longer works will be accepted, but not viewed or read in their entirety.


Students are encouraged to submit recordings that illustrate their proficiency on a band or orchestral instrument, piano (classical or jazz), classical or jazz guitar, drum set, or voice (classical or musical theater styles).

Applicants often draw recording from recitals, extended solos in an ensemble performance that were recorded on video, or other live performances. Some applicants will also make recordings specifically for the College Admissions process.

Remember that all Lafayette College Department of Music ensembles are open to anyone, regardless of major. You DO NOT have to major in music to participate. These submissions go to our ensemble directors who may contact you directly, or you may feel free to contact any of them: visit for more information about our ensembles and Music program.

  • Recordings should isolate and highlight the applicant. Popular music or group performances that do not showcase an individual’s level of talent will not be evaluated.
  • Please submit either audio or video files of not more than three contrasting selections or portions thereof (ones that show variety in style, character, etc) that best show your musicianship. Please use only recordings that have been made within the last year.
  • Where possible and appropriate, perform with a live pianist or ensemble. We would prefer to hear you perform unaccompanied, rather than with tracks of any kind.
  • Please make one file for each piece you wish to submit. YouTube or similar URL-based formats are required. Include your name, instrument, the composer, title, and movement for each file. These can be in the Title section in YouTube, printed on the video, or in the file name for an audio file. Fancy titles and other video editing are not encouraged. Keep the focus on your playing.
  • Live video recordings where we can see you play are preferable. Avoid using too much post-processing in either audio or video files: imagine that we are in the room with you—try to give us the sound we would hear if we were there hearing you live.


Theater Department would be pleased to receive materials from students interested in pursuing theater studies at Lafayette. Please note that we do not have a dance program.

  • Students interested in design and technical theater should submit a portfolio of work.
  • Students interested in performance are asked to submit a brief audition video (no more than five minutes), highlighting their work in scenes and monologues.
  • Performances should isolate and highlight the candidate. It you choose to submit a video from a play or musical you performed in, be sure to include information identifying yourself (i.e., where you enter, who you are playing, what your character is wearing), so we can find you. If the video quality of a performance is poor, we cannot always evaluate your work accurately. If you cannot provide video from a performance that clearly highlights you and is of good enough quality to evaluate, we strongly encourage submission of self-taped videos of you singing or performing a monologue or scene. If the work you are submitting is in a language other than English, please provide a synopsis of what is happening in the video.
  • Students interested in directing should submit scenes illustrating their work.

Creative and Performing Arts (CaPA) scholars Program

Creative and passionate, just like you, CaPA scholars often don’t see themselves as artists. They may major in science, engineering or economics. The CaPA Scholar Program provides the physical, mental and monetary resources for students to explore a passion. Learn about the CaPA Scholars program.

Students who have applied or intend to apply to CaPA should submit supplementary material for their intended discipline as instructed above.