Lafayette offers many opportunities for transfer students to live, learn and lead both on our campus and in the local and global community.

To be considered as a transfer applicant, you need a minimum of three transferable courses. Transfer students must spend at least two academic years at Lafayette to be eligible for graduation. At least half the courses applied toward the major must be taken at Lafayette.


  • Deadline to apply for Fall Enrollment: May 1st
  • Deadline to apply for Spring Enrollment: November 1st

Transferring Credit

Lafayette provides a credit evaluation only after extending an offer of admission. Students are required to submit a course description and syllabus for the credits to be evaluated. The Office of the Registrar will make the final determination on what college credits will transfer to the institution. In order to estimate which courses will transfer to Lafayette, use the following guidelines:

  • Lafayette must offer an equivalent course
  • The amount of time that the class met must be equal to courses offered at Lafayette (ie, credit hours)
  • If the course at Lafayette has prerequisites, all prerequisites must be satisfied prior to taking the course
  • Only a grade if “C” or better will transfer

In addition to a college credit evaluation, Lafayette will also accept AP & IB credit from admitted transfer students to be used for both academic classroom placement and course credit. AP and IB scores should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar after the student has been accepted to be considered for transfer credit. Please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s page to view our AP and IB exam policy.


  • Common Application
  • Application fee of $65, which may be submitted electronically if applying online. If this is financially unfeasible, send us a fee waiver or fee waiver request letter from your school official or yourself explaining the hardship the application fee would present. Students and parents may not submit a fee waiver request directly to the College.
  • College/university transcript. Students may self-report their scores via the Common Application or email. Upon enrollment students must provide an official transcript to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation.
  • Final high school transcript
  • Mid-semester grade report if the student is currently enrolled in college.
  • Professor recommendation
  • Registrar’s report stating you are in good academic standing. This document is also called the College Report.
  • SAT or ACT scores. Test scores are not required, but are recommended if previously taken.
  • Course descriptions and syllabi. While not required for admission, they are required to be submitted to the registrar up enrollment.

Financial Aid

For information about financial aid for transfer students, please visit the financial aid page for information.

Contact Information

If you have questions about Lafayette’s transfer admissions process, please contact:
Eugene Gabay
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
(610) 330-5950