Working on Campus

Students can earn money while working for an on-campus employer or one of our off-campus partners. These funds are not applied to the student’s account but rather paid directly to the student through student payroll.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Eligibility for FWS is based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA and in conjunction with other awarded aid. Work schedules are arranged by the employer and student. Students are paid monthly, and annual earnings may be capped by the amount indicated in the financial aid award letter. The current minimum hourly rate is $8.50. Some students may be paid slightly more based on job requirements.

Employment opportunities will be sent prior to the fall semester to students who were awarded federal work-study or campus jobs as part of their financial aid award, and they should apply for positions as early as possible.

Campus Jobs

Students who are not eligible for FWS can find employment on campus through the College’s Gateway Career Center.

Resident Advisor (RA) Stipend

Students who apply and are selected to become a resident advisors (RA) can receive a stipend for each semester for which they serve as RAs. The amount of the stipend is determined by the Office of Residence Life based on the Tiered Housing guidelines and generally is equivalent to the cost of room and board. If you are a financial aid recipient, the RA stipend is not applied toward demonstrated need and will be awarded in addition to any need-based financial aid you are receiving.