Prospective students and their families may walk the outdoor and indoor spaces of the Lafayette campus during a student-led or self-guided tour. You will find the on-campus tour slots on the visit calendar.

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On-Campus Visitation FAQs

May I visit campus?

Yes. We welcome you to visit our campus and explore the indoor and outdoor spaces of our buildings. Prospective students can register for a student ambassador-led campus tour. You many also conduct a self-guided tour. Be sure to scan the QR code on the kiosk outside Markle Hall and fill out the form so we know you visited. View availability of student-led tours on the visit calendar.

Where do I park?

Visitors may park in the Markle Parking Deck. Visitor parking is on the third floor. As we finish the renovation of the Markle Hall Welcome Center, visitors must proceed around the building and enter through the red double doors on the street side of the building.

Where do I check in?

Markle Hall is where our receptionist will check you in and welcome you to Lafayette for all visits including general campus tours, engineering tours and interviews. While we complete construction, please walk park on the third floor of the deck and proceed to the front of Markle Hall. Those self-guiding may chat with the receptionist or scan the QR code outside the Markle Hall and pick up a self-guided tour map below the kiosk.

May I go into buildings while on campus?

Yes. Academic buildings are open to visitors. Visitors many not access residence halls. A residence hall tour is part of our regular tour.

Am I required to register to visit campus?

On-campus tours: We prefer that you register in advance, but we do take walk-ins and will assign you to the next scheduled tour for the day.

On-campus interviews: Registration is required. We do not allow same-day registration for campus interviews.

Engineering tours and information sessions: We prefer that you register in advance, but we do take walk-ins and will assign you to the next scheduled tour for the day. These sessions are offered on Fridays.

Arts tours: You are required to register in advance, given that this tour involves a shuttle.

Open houses: We prefer that you register in advance, but we do take walk-ins on the day of the event.

Self-guided tours: No pre-registration required. We would like prospective students to let us know of their presence on campus. Please scan the QR code in the kiosk outside Markle Hall. A map is available below the kiosk. We look at demonstrated interest as part of your application and a visit notes your interest.

How do I check in when I arrive on campus?

General campus tours, engineering tours, arts tours and engineering information sessions: Proceed to Markle Hall and check in with the receptionist for all visits.

Open houses: Please consult your reminder email as to where check in will be.

Self-guided tours: Please scan the QR code at the kiosk outside Markle Hall. You can get a map below the kiosk. Demonstrated interest and demonstrated understanding are part of our application assessment. We want to note that you took the time to visit the campus.

Will there be an admissions representative or someone available to answer questions I may have about Lafayette?

Yes. A member of the Admissions staff will be in Markle Hall between the hours of 8:15 am and 4:30 pm most summer weekdays. Note that the College closes early on Fridays from June 9 through August 11. Stop by and the receptionist will connect you with an admissions representative. We suggest that after your tour, you connect with your admissions representative (based on the location of your high school) via email asking any questions you might have and sharing what you thought of your experience on campus.

May I eat on-campus when I visit campus?

During the summer, the dining venues are closed. The campus dining venues are open to the public during the academic year. The all-you-care-to eat dining halls of Upper Farinon Dining Hall and Marquis Dining Hall are available at the following prices:

  • Breakfast: $7.74 per person
  • Lunch: $13.25 per person
  • Dinner: $19.19 per person.

Other dining venues offer รก la carte menus.


Are there specific areas of campus you suggest that I visit?

Our virtual tour online is a great tool to use while on campus to guide you past the main academic buildings and highlights of campus. You can pick up a campus map inside or at the kiosk outside Markle Hall or choose a maps we have on our website to plan your visit.

If you prefer a 3-D Map

If you prefer a Google Map experience